I’ve started to renew my website as you might have noticed. The old one was built on top of Couch CMS a long time ago so I decided to ditch it totally. Developing it further wouldn’t have been fun. I’m treating the development of this new site as more of a constant process. I’ll release a new version when ever I have a new feature, change or a fix ready. This means the site will evolve and change over time. It’s also going to be more of a playground to me than a credible and serious blog.

Shortly about the tech. This new site is built with WordPress, node & next.js. Next and node take care of the view layer + most of the logic and WordPress acts just as a user friendly backed to store data. Connecting these technologies is fairly easy. All of them are also mature-ish and flexible.

Most of the site is now written in JavaScript instead of PHP but the site is server rendered so basic access to content is possible even if you don’t have JavaScript enabled. You’ll loose all the bells and whistles though.

I’ll be deciding on the features the site will offer based on what I think would be fun to build. If you have any ideas or comments you can drop them to me on twitter f.ex. A few simple test features I added to the basic blog listing page are:

  • A “New” label that will be shown next to posts less than a month old
  • A unread indicator dot that tells if you’ve “read” the post previously or not