Professionally? Well, quite a lot. At least that’s how I feel. In good and bad. I’ve moved from working for Affecto in Turku to working for Bond in Helsinki. I’ve attended Smashing Conference in Germany and Web Summit in Dublin. I’ve tuned down my scouting hobby as it mainly happens in Naantali area (a city close to Turku) but I’ve joined HelsinkiJS meetup group here in Helsinki and I’ve become one of the organizers and met a bunch of amazing people while doing that. And it feels like I’m just getting started. There are a lot of opportunities here in Helsinki.

Today I dreamed of putting some images online of what I’ve done but it appears that the portfolio part of this website is so shitty that I really can’t do that. I can still remeber it workin but that’s not really true anymore is it. Web keeps moving forward and third party code keeps dying. The normal excuses. But, I promise I’ll redesign this site during the next year.

As I mentioned the porfolio part of this site doesn’t really serve its purpose anymore I’m just going to list here the things I’ve done during… a year maybe? Not that sure. I don’t count hours or days. Doing that won’t get you far. Some people might disagree. Comments are welcome. :)

Thanks to the web I don’t need images, I can just link them here. Most of these I’ve done together with my friend Roope. It seems we do almost all development together these days. Some I’ve done with my own company and some at Bond. Here you go:

That’s pretty much all the main things I can remember form the top of my head. I’ve done a lot of other smaller things like prototyping, internal system development, boilerplate development, christmas cards, sysadmin stuff, devops and what not.