I worked as a part of a team of four on a university project course. During this course our mission was to design and code a game from zero. Our team chose to play with web technologies and not Unity as the Unity Web Player needs the user to install an awful plugin like for example Flash did / does.

We decided to follow the KISS-rule and keep the idea and game logic as simple as possible. This is how we got to the idea of the classic pong game. We wanted to add something different to it though so we made it round. Not an original idea but a fun one anyway.

The theme of the game is Space as you can probably see. The ball is pretending to be a UFO flying on top of the earth. As it’s a pong game there’s a paddle that you can guide using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you let the UFO flee from on top of the earth you loose the game, don’t ask my how it fits to the theme. It doesn’t.

The game can be found & played here and you can fork it on Github here. All comments are welcome.